ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting develop a mobile robot to fight COVID19

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ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting have developed a mobile disinfection robot against COVID19 which uses the ultraviolet (UV-C) light to eliminate germs and pathogens in the air as well as on surfaces and objects. The radiation emitted by the robot, which can move around the facilities to be disinfected, achieves a reduction in the viral and bacterial load of up to 99.99%.

The exclusive design of the lamp, in terms of power, intensity and size combined with the continuous movement of the vehicle, favours proximity to the critical areas to be disinfected, as well as minimising shadow spaces and maximising disinfection on horizontal and vertical planes in record time.

The name chosen for these products, ZenZoe Robot, is a tribute to the health professionals and their fight against diseases, as it combines Zen, from the name of Isabel Zendal, the nurse who helped eradicate smallpox in the Philippines and Latin America, and Zoe Rosinach Pedrol, the first pharmaceutical doctor in Spain Because this product is a disinfection solution based on German-Spanish technology, whose wavelengths and UV-C intensity are the most appropriate to provide efficient removal of COID19 in the shortest possible time. Ultraviolet radiation, far from other chemicals such as ozone, is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but is also non-toxic, so no waiting time is required before the disinfected facility can be used again. The ZenZoe product family has three manual versions (ZenZoe Easy, Pro, Plus) and one robotic version (ZenZoe Robot).

In addition, the ZenZoe Robot has a different value proposal as the continuous disinfection of germs in a single pass thanks to a very concentrated light intensity, without the need to pass several times over the same surface or access point, significantly reducing the disinfection time of a space. Thanks to the height and optimal positioning of the lamp the source of radiation is very close to the surface to be disinfected, both in its vertical and horizontal planes. Closely linked to this feature is the automatic, super-fast battery charging, which means that the robot is prepared for almost the entire day with a 24/7 working cycle. Added to this is the real time cloud-based traceability function that records the results of the disinfection cycle, as well as provides intelligence to optimise the utilization rate and disinfection efficiency.

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