ASTI Mobile Robotics and InSystems develop an assistance robot for healthcare personnel in hospitals

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´ASTI Mobile Robotics´, through its branch ´ASTI InSystems Automation´ in Germany and its integration partner ´Revotonix´ in Lebanon, has developed a robot, called S.A.S.H.A. (Smart Autonomous System Hospital Assistant), for the transport of containers or trays of up to 50 kilograms within hospitals and health centers. This autonomous solution serves as a support for qualified personnel, because it reduces their repetitive work and, above all, the safety in the health sector at this time effected by the COVID-19.

With the most extensive range of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) on the market and always providing the best intra-logistics solutions according to the needs of customers, ASTI Mobile Robotics, together with its recently acquired Germany branch ´ASTI InSystems´ in the leading European mobile robotics group, presents a mobile robot that can transport different loads within the healthcare sector, facilitating the distribution of food and medicine on time. The robot and its application in these environments for the proper management of the coronavirus helps to minimize contact between staff and patients within a hospital or residence during this pandemic, helps to contain the spread of the disease, since these automatic vehicles are assistants to health personnel minimizing the risks.

Thanks to its special design, S.A.S.H.A can accommodate various loads such as containers or trays. With adjustable lift height function, you can serve meals or medications to patients at different heights as well as different floors. You can also serve multiple destinations during a single transportation trip with a mass transit. With long transport routes, times can be significantly reduced. Therefore, the use of hospital service staff for social and value-added activities increases.

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