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ZENZOE Robot: Most competitive and efficient disinfection solution

ZENZOE Robot, with German-Spanish technology, disinfects based on well-proven Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) principle and can deactivate most of the germs including SARS-COV-19 up to 99,99% disinfection efficiency.

Best UV-C disinfection strategy

Optimal lamp design and height of ZENZOE ensures highly concentrated and better UV-C reach on surfaces and floors. This ensures faster and most effective disinfection in continuous movement without any shadow or hidden zones. Thanks to ZENZOE simulator software, you can proactively plan the best disinfection strategy for your facilities.

Disinfect on movement in a single pass

ZENZOE Robot can disinfect the germs in a single pass, without the need to pass multiple times over the same surface or hotspot. ZENZOE Robot can disinfect a room of 25 m2 size within 6-8 minutes.

24/7 availability and lowest TCO

Combined with fast charging, manual battery option for 24/7 autonomy, and lower cost maintenance over the lifetime, the ZENZOE cost of disinfection per m² is less than 50% of similar market solutions.

Faster and most productive

With 30-40% faster rate of disinfection compared to other solutions, ZENZOE robot can disinfect up to 49% more space, and available 2 x times more operational time, thanks to super fast charging technology and higher operational autonomy.

Tested and verified

Tested and verified by INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) in collaboration with UME (Military Emergency Unit) for 99,99% disinfection efficiency.

Full traceability with 4G: anytime, anywhere

ZENZOE Web Connected Services enable real time monitoring with KPI dashboards, alarms and reporting, optimization of disinfection performance, higher staff productivity and predictive maintenance.

State-of-the-art navigation technology

Thanks to its full safety compliance, laser scanners and real-time free SLAM navigation technology with obstacle avoidance and automatic re-routing, ZENZOE robot is easy and collaborative to deploy, use and navigate.
Sophisticated localization and navigation software from our partner incubedIT ensures easier and quicker deployment or reinstallation without any infrastructure changes. Combined with these technologies, compact size and turn-on-spot design, the robot can navigate through narrow passages within limited space and disinfect every corner of your facilities efficiently.

Driven by

Technology solutions for performance traceability and optimization

Web Connected Services

  • Connectivity through WiFi or 4G
  • 24/7 traceability: Better equipment utilization efficiency
  • Real time KPI and reports: Optimized disinfection process & higher staff productivity
  • Remote monitoring: Less downtime & lower costs

ZENZOE Simulator Software ®

  • Patented and exclusive technology
  • Optimum disinfection strategy planning and execution
  • Simulate the radiation levels and verify the disinfection efficiency


Configuration 4 UV-C Lamps
UV-C at 100h (W) 192
Dimension (LxWxH) 740 x 662 x 1.970 mm
Working Voltage 24V (dc)
Environment Indoor applications
Safety Emergency stop, safety sensors
Speed 1,2 m / sec
Battery charging time 60 minutes
Disinfection time 6-8 minutes / 25 m² room
Autonomy 2,5 ~ 2,7 hours
Navigation SLAM / Free navigation
Connectivity 4G or WiFi