Ultraviolet light disinfection is here to stay

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Ultraviolet light disinfection is a highly effective viral load reduction process in large and/or busy spaces. UV radiation is a band of wavelengths that destroys viruses, bacteria, and germs. They modify their DNA or RNA, and, in this way, the microorganisms become inactive.

The ZENZOE robot puts this theory into practice, providing companies with solutions for large facilities. Aware of the concern surrounding growing infections, this machine minimizes the risk of contagion by using a state-of-the-art technology in the sector: UV-C.

Zenzoe is suitable for use in any facility in need of periodic sterilization. With this robot, companies and institutions find the perfect ally to guarantee the safety of their spaces. Hospitals, airports, nursing homes, shopping centers, gyms, laboratories, and industries around the world are already using this type of process.

The robot can carry out ultraviolet light disinfection in the desired area, while it is recommended to avoid domestic environments. The system makes it impossible for the virus to reproduce, guaranteeing successful results. Following each cycle, the machine validates the disinfection with a test based on previously preconfigured indicators. The report is so precise that it highlights the weak areas within the room.

In other words, this results in an optimization of time, as it allows staff to perform other tasks while the robot does the work.

How does ultraviolet light disinfection work?

Given the new worldwide situation we are facing, the need for disinfection of all types of environments and materials has grown exponentially.

Therefore ZENZOE, the robot that carries out ultraviolet light disinfection, delivers great advantages compared to other cleaning systems.

Firstly, it uses UV-C rays, so it provides faster and more efficient inactivation of microorganisms. Considering the application of this physical germicidal process, when bacteria and viruses are exposed to UV waves, they are not capable of reproducing or infecting again, or of generating resistance to the process that attacks them.

Secondly, the process is carried out cold and does not use any type of chemical products to conduct the disinfection cycle. This increases the level of effectiveness over other cleaning systems.

Lastly, the technique has been tested in hospitals, which have great needs for disinfection. The level of satisfaction was so high that the ultraviolet light disinfection system is already operating within companies in other sectors under the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the European Certificate.

The process also contributes to caring for the environment, as guaranteed by the EcoDesing and Ambilamp seals.

ZENZOE is a robot developed by ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting. These companies, with offices in various countries around the world, offer multiple solutions to create cleaner and safer spaces.

Order your ZENZOE robot through the website.

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