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ZENZOE Manual: Optimized solutions with lower investment

ZENZOE Manual solutions provide very high disinfection efficiency thanks to and optimized UV-C light dose. They require operational support from staff to move ZENZOE from one space to another. These solutions are ideal for facilities with lower investment and where the robots can not be deployed due to movement restrictions.

Controlled lighting spectrum

Intensity, quantity of UV-C, and precisely directed lighting where it is needed with the correct beam designed to obtain 99,99% reduction of pathogens. Controlled vertical and horizontal incidence lighting planes applying wide, medium and narrow beams to secure that maximum energy applied is devoted to inactivate and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Maximizes coverage areas

Versatile, with multiple-tower configurations that eliminate & minimize shadow area, maximize coverage areas and reduce number of cycles. Reduce the risk of cross contamination and short room and facility turnover times.

Saving cost and minimizing staff operation

Devoted to daily use and can work 24/7 thus liberating time and money resources to fulfil other cleaning tasks.

Proprietary ZENZOE Simulator Software®

Configuration system that automatically designs and sets the most optimal performant dosage cycle and germicidal energy. If preferred, the dosage can be set manually to increase or enlarge the disinfection time while special occasions.

Much better disinfection efficiency

With lamps mounted closer to the disinfection surface, unlike in the center for other solutions in the market, the UV-C lights are close to vertical walls and horizontal surfaces with much better disinfection efficiency.

Real time monitoring

Light quantity sensor to monitor actual intensity and dose. Monitor consumption and light output directed to intended surfaces and the air.  Values and parameters store on the system to foster precise analysis.

Portable & versatile disinfection system

ZENZOE autonomous and manual disinfection solutions are easy to transport. Depending on the space to be disinfected, more than one cycle may be required, or several units can be combined in the same room. Cycles can be pre-programmed, without the need of full-time staff support.

Technology solutions for performance traceability and optimization

Web Connected Services

  • Connectivity through WiFi or 4G
  • 24/7 traceability: Better equipment utilization efficiency
  • Real time KPI and reports: Optimized disinfection process & higher staff productivity
  • Remote monitoring: Less downtime & lower costs

ZENZOE Simulator Software ®

  • Patented and exclusive technology
  • Optimum disinfection strategy planning and execution
  • Simulate the radiation levels and verify the disinfection efficiency




Configuration 8 UV-C Lamps 8 UV-C Lamps 16 UV-C Lamps
Power (W) 660 1230 2500
UV-C at 100h (W) 185 360 720
Dimension (LxWxH) 445 x 445 x 1265 554 x 554 x 1970 675 x 675 x 1970
Weight (Kg) 27,1 49,3 73,8
Working frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Working voltage (V) 120/277 120/277 120/277
Environment Indoor applications Indoor applications Indoor applications
Safety Emergency stop, safety sensors Emergency stop, safety sensors Emergency stop, safety sensors