ZENZOE robot

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  • ZenZoe is a robot that inactivates the viral load of COVID19 by 99,99%. This German-Spanish technology is used in multiple environments such as hospitals, hotels, educational centres, sports centres, offices, commercial and industrial.
  • Its results have been contrasted by highly prestigious organizations: the NBC laboratory of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) in collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit (UME).
  • With the continuous movement of the robot and its ultraviolet (UV-C) light it allows to eliminate pathogens both in the air and in different vertical and horizontal surfaces in a minimum time and without waiting.

Burgos, 6th May 2020. ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting have developed a mobile disinfection robot against COVID19 which uses the ultraviolet (UV-C) light to eliminate germs and pathogens in the air as well as on surfaces and objects. The radiation emitted by the robot, which can move around the facilities to be disinfected, achieves a reduction in the viral and bacterial load of up to 99.99%. The exclusive design of the lamp, in terms of power, intensity and size combined with the continuous movement of the vehicle, favours proximity to the critical areas to be disinfected, as well as minimising shadow spaces and maximising disinfection on horizontal and vertical planes in record time.

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